Verify Emails Online – 4 Reasons You Should Do It

The internet has changed the way we communicate. Emails have replaced letters as the primary means of communication. Each day, there are thousands of new emails being created. But not all of them are genuine as there are dozen methods to create email addresses. To add a few more may be incorrect and others non-operational.

It becomes the personal responsibility of the sender to verify emails online. The verification procedure involves identifying whether the email address is valid and deliverable. Every single email address is verified. Here are 4 valid reasons for you to do it.

1. Create a list that delivers

Often, companies request website visitors to provide their email addresses as part of the marketing strategy. It might happen that the id provided is incorrect – a typo or an intentional mistake. If you start sending out emails to such inaccurate addresses, you will only have an equal number bouncing back. If the email account is no longer operational, the message does not get delivered; however, you are under the impression that it has been delivered.

It is a sheer waste of time and effort. You will be sending out mails, but none of them will convert. If you choose to verify emails online, you can fill in this glitch.

2. You won’t be blacklisted

Did you know that your online activity is being monitored? Email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail keep track of your mail server reputation. This includes the number of mails reported as spam, the number of bounce back emails and successfully delivered emails. It is as good as saying that you are building your reputation with every email sent.

If you have negative reputation, there are chances you could get blacklisted.

3. Business image and performance

Business-wise emails are used for a lot of important communication. This includes information about new orders, order confirmations, order tracking etc. If you have the wrong email address, this data does not reach your customers in a timely manner.

4. Peace of mind

As a business owner targeting potential customers, you can be assured that there is an actual person behind the email address, and not some idiot trying to play the fool with you. It is commonly noticed that people who wouldn’t like to receive promotional emails are the ones who provide email addresses with a missing or additional character; very few are a typing error.

This way you can filter high quality contacts from the low quality ones. You know which customers that are genuinely interested receiving notifications and those not interested. You can prevent yourself from becoming a spammer. You can also keep your list up-to-date.

For all the reasons above, it is necessary for you to verify emails online. A good online email verification service can help identify and remove invalid email addresses and can make your email campaigns successful. There are several free hosted software programs that allow such verification. Choosing the right one can make your work easy. At the end of it, you will have a clean list that you can leverage for marketing and promotional purposes.

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