Improve Your 3G Signal Reception With A Booster Antenna

For the modern city dweller, there is no bigger pain than having a phone that does not pick up any signal. You pick up the phone but do not hear any voice and often you become frustrated. This problem is present in most of the big cities and though one changes the service provider the problem stays.

This kind of weak reception occurs due to the distance from the transmitting tower. Whether your cell phone is a smartphone or not, the signal that reaches the phone from the tower will give clarity and volume to the phone call. To get around this problem, the telephone users in most towns use the 3G Mobile Network Booster to strengthen the signal.

The working of the booster is like this. You have two antennae, one that you place inside the house and the other that is present on the roof. The one inside the house keeps on amplifying the signal both the one from the tower to the phone and the one that you send when you call someone. You connect this antenna to the one on the roof through a cable.

Mobile phone is a necessity

When you get a phone call, the antenna on the roof picks up this signal. But, if you live in a remote area, the possibility is that this signal is poor. When sending the signal to the antenna inside the house, it gets amplified and so you will receive a strong signal inside the house. Since smartphones, cell phones, or mobile phones have become a necessity, most people carry one. But, when they face the problem of a weak signal, they are up against a wall.

The introduction of the 3G Mobile Network Booster is a boon to all the city dwellers. This is because the concrete structures inside the city block the signal coming to the phone from the tower. When this happens, you experience a dropped call. You do not hear the voice of the caller well and this makes you miss out something that might have had much importance.

The booster will add strength to the signals on all the networks including GSM, 2G, 3G, and 4G. It will select the tower in your locality that is closest to you and look for a strong signal from there. The battery life of your phone increases because the phone does not have to ‘look’ for a signal. So, the internet speed increases. This helps you download movies or listen to the internet radio without any disruptions.

Causes for disruptions

Since the signals can remain disrupted by not only the distance but also by the obstructions such as a multi-storeyed building or a hill, you will get a poor signal or call drops when your locality has a hill or a high-rise building. In addition, if you live in a multi-storeyed apartment, the chances are that when your house is in the interior portion of the building, you will not receive any signal. The only way out is to put an antenna on the roof and attach the amplifier to make the signal strong.

You will have a good reception and you remove the problem of dropped calls. This is a practical solution and one that works well.